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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we start with a breaking news alert for drivers in arlington. police have shut down arlington boulevard over reports of a suspicious package. there are reports that washington boulevard and south second street. drivers should avoid that area. we'll give you updates as soon as we get them. >> yesterday's snow already long gone. sunshine, warmer air heading into next week. >> sunshine, but rather cool outside on this early march day. let's take a look at the numbers. for to read out in fairfax. total sunshine. indianapolis -- annapolis beautiful sunshine. look at the cold temperature -- only 35 degrees at the naval academy in annapolis. for the most part around the region, 40's. right around a 40. mitt and upper 40's for the highs. a lot of sunshine, more spring- like. cynne? >> thank you so much, adam. this is the day that decides how much longer the race for the republican nomination will last. >> it is super tuesday. they will pick their choice for who will take
donelan come abc7 news. police are still investigating and other hate just one dayppened after this shooting. a man was beaten and robbed on georgia avenue. new developments in the shooting case. the teenager had been suspended but his mother said do with theng to shooting. investigators are trying to demonize her son. another rally tonight in support teen. florida brianne carter is there and from northwest latest.on with the the people who are rallying t here about one hour for now. are echoing them fromounds we have heard coast to coast, calling for of the in the death florida team. want?at do we n >> justic >> ae and have been. by motherion, this thevered a petition to department filled with callingn 500 signatures step in.ies to s me furious. it is playing out in the media should be in the court room. george zimmerman has not been arrested. the students to letters to the attorney general. like me.n looks it lets me know i need to do something. calling this the civil rights movement of their time. who organized the says she feels connected to the case. >> that could have bee
bell abc 7 news. >> more on the suspect including more on the warning signs they saw in the week leading up to the online threats. >> a mother who got her out to year-old son in a hot car will not go to jail. -- a mother who forgot her two- year-old son will not go to jail. she will be punishing herself for the rest of her life. kris van cleave is live with the details. >> she pled not guilty to two misdemeanor counts. she found him dead hours later. it was the second time jet forgotten him in the car. >> she was devastated by the loss of her son. she will have to deal with that. she is. it >> neglect was a gracious in this case, not once but twice. -- neglect was egregious in this case. justice is served. >> originally charged with felony murder, they agreed to a plea deal to require six years of probation and 400 hours of community service at the animal shelter. >> she has punished herself enough. >> this centers around a tragic accident, not an intentional act, but it has divided public opinion. >> she should do some time, i think, for murder. the child died. >> i think she's
kuebler, abc2 news. >>> when the jackpot is this huge, everyone plays because when it's only 100 million or so, maybe it's not worth it. i don't know who would think taway. no matter how high the payout goes the odds stays the same. why do we get amped up when it gets this high? our team coverage continues with joce sterman. >> it could be all about how our brains are wired. we have been thinking about what we would do with $640 million jackpot. psychologists say the rush takes over, we think about the fact that even if it's just a tiny chance, a chance to win big. not only do you get the money, you get the fame, you may not want that, it comes down to numbers. you probably have your favorites. the lucky numbers you hope will help you win big. psychologists say they are just numbers. >> we pick our numbers. those numbers haven't turned up in a year, they are bound to come up now. the odds those numbers aren't changing at all. >> that being said, though, if you have your favorite numbers or your favorite place to get your ticket, you never know, you could have the piece of paper worth mor
that is sparking outrage across our country. we begin our coverage with abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: the anger over the shooting death of trayvon martin, an unarmed black teenager, continues to intensify. >> justice. now. >> reporter: last night, thousands marched in several cities across the country to show their outrage. at a new york city rally, trayvon's parents joined the demonstrators. >> trayvon martin did matter. i just want new york to know that we're not going to stop until we get justice for trayvon. >> reporter: the tragedy happened february 26th in sanford, florida. the 17-year-old was returning to a gated community, after buying candy from a convenient store, when a neighborhood watch volunteer began to follow him. >> these [ bleep ]. they always get away. >> are you following them? >> yeah. >> you don't need to do that. >> reporter: the man, george zimmerman does anyway. he confronts trayvon. a struggle ensues. then, a single gunshot. >> there's gunshots. >> i'm pretty sure the guy's dead. >> reporter: zimmerman, claiming self-defense, has not been charged for the sho
but should you use your tablet to file? abc 2 works for you an why it could be putting your information at risk. >> and it's safe to say the heat is probably off in your home and it's probably been off for a while but how much did you save over this unseasonably warm winter? >>> we won't see today's high temperatures again for a while. but how possible storms could interrupt your weekend plans. >>> we begin tonight with the story that is stirring emotion and outrage across the country. the shooting death of the unarmed black florida teen trayvon martin. this story has grown so big the president weighed in today. >> my main message is to the parents of trayvon martin, if i had a son he would look like trayvon. >> trayvon martin's story is having an i want pact in baltimore. a lot of people won't be w church this weekend. instead they will be wearing hoodies. christian schaffer is here with that part of the story. >> reporter: they will be talking about trying to find out what went wrong that led to the shooting death of trayvon martin last month in sanford florida and also calling on aut
what really caused whitney houston to drown in her hotel bathroom. >>> and an abc news exclusive. the young man convicted of a hate crime in the rutgers bullying case. >> reporter: do you hate gay people? >> he speaks to chris cuomo one-on-one, tonight. >>> good evening. across much of this country, the windows are open and the air conditioners are on tonight. forget spring. the thermometer says we're already in summer. as of tonight, look. nearly 5,000 heat records have been set this month. and look at detroit. it was 86 today. that's the hottest day in march ever. abc's steve osunsami is tracking the real economic consequences of this weather, including confused plants and animals going haywire. >> reporter: an early spring is one thing, but temperatures this high seem unbelievable. for this michigan apricot farmer, the heat is a huge headache. his trees are blossoming five weeks way too early. >> here today, they're in full bloom, which is just unreal. >> reporter: that scene is playing out with apples in new york and asparagus across the country. farmers fear the cold weather
. >> abc news was there as she told her story to the martin family. >> i said, what are you doing here? and somebody pushed him and caused his sed set to call. >> he is raising his hands up. >> they are wrestling in the back. >> the guy is dead out here. holy [ bleep ]. >> the residents are reporting the chilly sounds and a sing the gunshot. >> there's gunshots. >> zimmerman immediately claims self-defense which investigators on the seen accepted. but investigators ignored key witnesses. abc news learned, and failed to contact others like martin's girlfriend. >> the police department needs to go back and resbinterview anything with information. >> and all the while, sanford police says they are handcuffed by the law. the law is called stand your ground. passed in 2005, it allows snon use deadly force when they feel threatened. since the law, homicides in florida have jumped threefold. 20 states have similar laws but florida is seen as the most extreme. another man in florida is evoking the law to get it dismissed. in 2007, norman border fired 13 bullets into men who thought were gang m
this morning. abc 2 news starts now. >> we start tonight with the new developments in the trayvon martin case. >> let's go to a campus here. morgan campus came out for the rally and peaceful demonstrations we have seen from here throughout the west coast. trayvon martin was killed 4 week ago in florida. he was unarmed when he was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. tonight students were wearing orange xs on their shirt. >> we are tired and enough is enough. we are not going to sit here. we are not going to stand here and allow injustices. >> students wanted to make a statement to the city and the nation that it's time now to stop the stereotypes. as morgan students expressed themselves. we will show you new video and new reaction to this. >> reporter: george zimmerman's father is speaking out to an orlando tv station. he insist the sanford, florida police report that his son was bleeding was the back of his head and nose was a fact. >> trayvon martin walked up to him and asked him if he had a problem. >> reporter: trayvon martin supporters point to this police video as exhibit a that
>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon, on your side for. >> students at the university of maryland are upset. police tracked down 19-year-old alexander song following disturbing threats posted online. john gonzalez has new details we are learning. >> the police chief for the campus is they prevented what could been a tragedy. a student is accused of threatening to go on a shooting spree. the was arrested just hours before he was allegedly going to do it. it was at oakland hall on campus where police tracked down a 19- year-old alexander song. they moved in and arrested him nearby sunday morn. >> so scary that somebody would think about doing that. >> be posted online messages over the weekend threatening to go on a shooting rampage on campus. two of the postings read "stay away from the mall tomorrow at 1:30. hopefully i will kill enough people to make it to national news." >> who knows what could happen at. >> the 19-year-old from maryland is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation and the alleged posts were read by a number of people who immediately contacted police incl
in alcoholics anonymous. >> doggie rehab, get his bark back? we'll be right back. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations.wowowowowo ♪ >>> "the hunger games" brought in $153 million at the box office last weekend. and parts of the movie were filmed in charlotte, north carolina, and all of a sudden, i'm in the mood for bojangles. >> and the city is ready to cash in on all that popularity for the film. wsoc's tori welles tells us the registers, they are a ringing. >> reporter: if you've seen "the hunger games," this may look familiar. it's the stage of the night theater. >> we have already seen an influx of people who have been outside the theater having their pictures taken. >> reporter: north carolina's division of tourism is trying to capitalize on that interest, posting a four-day itinerary of places to go to experience the movie, places like amelie's, where the stars hung out, the nascar hall of fame, which it says offers a parallel experience to hovercrafts in the movie, and the knight theater, where some scenes were shot. >> we've got a lot
clinton on the case. from abc news, this is abc "world news" with diane sawyer. >>> good evening. we begin with breaking news on the massive earthquake hours ago in mexico. here is the moment it struck in mexico city, frightened workers frieding out the quake. one person said we didn't know whether to run or fall on the floor. out on the streets, mothers comforted their children until the quake passed. it seemed forever as a highway bridge was no match for the quake. a car was pulverized. the epicenter of the quake was 115 miles outside the beach resort of acapulco and thousands of american travelers are in the quake zone there. one of them, the president's oldest daughter and the white house weighed in on that today. as abc's david wright tells us about the moment of impact. >> reporter: the powerful quake hit around noon local time. a violent shaking motion. >> horrible, horrible. >> reporter: people felt it all the way to mexico city. abc's jose cohen is there. >> as you can see, people are afraid to go back in -- afraid of replicas. >> reporter: several bridges collapsed there. one tru
alley. is the mitt makeover next? >>> abc news investigates. is that ground beef that you buy at the supermarket what you think it is? tomorrow, will you be asking your grocer if they're pumping up the volume with something called pink slime? >>> and the billionaires' club. the rags to riches tales of the newest millionaires. how oprah's friend turned a girdle into a gold mine. >>> good evening. the u.s. government made it official today. announcing that this is the single-warmest winter in a decade in america. and here's what it looks like. two-thirds of the country, those states in red and yellow, have been abnormally warm. so warm, millions of people should begin bracing for the consequences around the corner. for one thing, experts say they are starting to see mosquitos swarming way before spring arrives. and tracking it all for us tonight, abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: high temperature records broken by the hundreds. warm, moist air helping kick-start an unusually early and deadly tornado season. >> back up. back up. >> it's coming. >> back up. >> reporter: winter w
, wiped out. >>> an abc news exclusive. >> good to see you. >> president obama, talks with bob woodruff, about the koran burning, that apology. >>> inside scientology. the former scientology official, coming forward. making explosive allegations against the star-studded church. an abc news, exclusive. >>> freefall. what astronauts have taught doctors about fainting. and how that is changing the health of thousands of women. >>> and remember davy jones of the monkees. and how we all sang along. ♪ hey, hey, we're the monkees >>> good evening. we begin tonight with an unholy fury of tornadoes. at least 16 of them, 1 after the other, tearing through midwestern towns today. imagine you're looking out your window and you see this. a giant funnel cloud in the middle of nebraska. and the highway in branson, missouri, that country music mecca, here it is before. and then, look after. and a mall in harrisburg, illinois. and here, after the tornado hit. when it was all over, at least 9 people were killed, more than 150 injured across this country. and abc's chris bury has been touring the devast
to distinguish them from someone pretending to be them. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> be careful what you put out there in the public domain. >>> now to the growing controversy over the byproduct called pink slime. agriculture secretary tom vilsack is launching a campaign against misinformation. speaking at a news conference, he defended the filler calling it lean, finely textured beef that is nutritious and low in fat. he insisted the usda would not allow the product if it was not safe. >> bon appetit. >>> a lawyer representing the soldier accused of killing 17 afghan citizens says his client actually suffered a traumatic incident in iraq. he says that triggered staff sergeant robert bales to suffer. he cannot discuss the matters because it's classified. he also says bales' mental condition will be a focal point in the case against him. >>> since the attack and the accidental burning of the koran, the military has ordered increased security around u.s. troops still in afghanistan. new measures include the use of so-called guardian angels, troops who guard others as they sleep. the added
. with more on this here's abc's christiane amanpour. >> reporter: as bashar assad tries to crush the popular uprising against him, any doubts about his regime's brutal response have been erased. at least 12 people, including five children, were reportedly killed when the syrian army attacked a peaceful protest in rastan, a mostly rebel-held town. the assault on rastan comes after what looks like a victory for assad in homs. ground zero for the rebellion. paul conroy, a news photographer, was seriously injured last week trying to document the horror of homs. conroy has only just managed to escape. and several activists gave their lives trying to save his. >> the intensity of the shelling. we were taking direct hits after direct hits on the building we were in. the time for talking is over. somebody must act bah because we're not going to see the next phase. the next phase will not be televised. the activists won't be there because they're all going to die in the next few days. there will not be any witnesses. >> reporter: the view from the white house is one of mounting concern as the past 24
hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> katie marzullo has seen a lot of umbrellas live in downtown marin county. >> reporter: the rain is always the sensitive subject here we know when the creek floods it does have disastrous results for downtown. take a look at the creek nothing major now i've been keeping on the creek gauge and it looks like it has risen in the last 12 hours from little over two feet last night to about under 3 1/2 feet now. no damage to report at this time for the most part what we found in marin county is a lot of soggy commuters. you think it would be great morning to take public transportation but they are braving the elements. >> we are walking in the rain today. >> reporter: also putting a damper on the commute at the landing especially for one dad. >> i'd be on my bike if it wasn't raining and my boys, because it was raining we drove. >> reporter: this family is on vacation they are not in a hurry. >> we were hoping for sun. what can you do. >> reporter: the roads proved to be a dicey cute one woman went to the hospital after this wreck southbound 101 at the golden gat
now abc2 news at 11:00. >>> support and discuss. i'm cheryl conner with more fallout. >>> get the virus off your computer. find out why you are the ultimate here. >>> temperatures holding, but around the corner as abc2 news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> we start with breaking news in the newsroom. police on the scene of a double shooting in southwest baltimore at 352 mulberry street, the same address as the elementary school. >>> two young boys charged in the shooting death of their friend. >> tonight, members of the girl's family say they aren't buying their story. they plan to press for more charges. christian schaffer is live at the headquarters downtown. christian? >> reporter: they face charges as juveniles of involuntary manslaughter. they say they were playing with a gun when it went off killing her. they believe there's more to the story. just 13 years old, she already talked about being a pediatrician. dreams that ended saturday night in northeast baltimore. she went out to go roller skating and then wound up at a phone with two boys ages 12 and 13. the three were pl
. that is not something the planning department does, nor should it. it is something abc does on a statewide basis. that is their job. i do not see that as our job. the only thing i would like to ask the department about is the transition of the former license to the present tenant because of the 30-day period. >> ok. so the liquor license that existed with the market predates the mission of gollott restriction of controls. and the types of alcohol you can sell by quality and size. the letter of determination that has been brought up in public testimony, it has been e-mail back to commissioners previously, only pertains to the continuation to the nonconforming nature of the license. it does not go in or explorer -- does not going to detail or explore the opportunities of a grocery store coming into obtain a new license that does conform to the restrictions under the mission abc controls which fresh and easy has done and will be a condition placed on the approval or the recommendation of approval sent back to abc that they need these restrictions. >> they are in effect -- there would be operating u
had struggled for years with drugs and alcohol. she had this conversation with abc's diane sawyer in 2002. >> i can tell you that, i am not a person who wants to die. >> reporter: ten years later, houston's life would end. her addiction, overpowering her. tahman bradley, abc news. >> we'll, of course, have much more on "good morning america." >>> our other major story this morning is the growing demand for justice in the case of trayvon martin. >> florida's governor has appointed a new prosecutor to take over this investigation, has thousands turned out in sanford to call for an arrest in this case. abc's matt gutman has more. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> reporter: not far from where trayvon martin died, protesters were shouting his name. he was killed on these streets after buying candy. >> we want to see, zimmerman in cuffs with hands behind hiss back. >> reporter: george zimmerman, the 28-year-old neighborhood watch captain, said he opened fire in self-defense. but martin's family says that's a lie. >> we want an arrest. we want a conviction. >> re
will be affected. bill weir, abc news, new york. >> obviously, apple is king of the hill but there are many other competitors that do business in china. if these changes come to pass, other companies will look at their policies and salaries and the condition in those factories will get better. >> those changes will add about $2 to each iphone, to the cost of each iphone. most people would gladly pay that. >> paying $500, 600 bucks already. >> wouldn't even notice. >>> a major study reveals a dramatic increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism. one child out of every 88 suffers from the condition. experts say the higher numbers are the results of better screen bug the results indicate more money needs to be spent helping families cope with the disorder. >>> crews battling a deadly wildfire near denver now say they are finally getting the upper hand. the flames have burned thousands of acres and dozens of homes as well. the fire is being blamed for killing an elderly couple. with more on this, here's abc's clayton sandell. >> helicopters are attacking from the air while 650 firefighte
before spring arrives. and tracking it all for us tonight, abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: high temperature records broken by the hundreds. warm, moist air helping kick-start an unusually early and deadly tornado season. >> back up. back up. >> it's coming. >> back up. >> reporter: winter was not only warmer, it was dry. the third-smallest amount of snowfall in nearly a half-century. the effects will be felt in the west. more drought that threatens water supplies. drier forests that fuel devastating wildfires. at the new york botanical gardens, flowers are blooming a month early. >> these wasps are just everywhere in this house. >> reporter: in the south, insects are creeping and crawling earlier than normal. >> many insects are fooled into thinking it's spring. and they hatch out. >> reporter: in pass christian, mississippi, today, they're already spraying for mosquitos. there was no winter frost to kill their eggs. that lack of frost is also sending pollen counts skyrocketing, making for an early start to what will be a long and nasty allergy season. >> the warmer winters are
at detroit. it was 86 today. that's the hottest day in march ever. abc's steve osunsami is tracking the real economic consequences of this weather, including confused plants and animals going haywire. >> reporter: an early spring is one thing, but temperatures this high seem unbelievable. for this michigan apricot farmer, the heat is a huge headache. his trees are blossoming five weeks way too early. >> here today, they are in full bloom, which is unreal. >> reporter: that scene is playing out with apples in new york and asparagus across can country. farmers fear the cold weather could come back and kill off their crops. the cost could run into the millions. >> to say they are concerned would be an understatement. >> i don't figure we're frost free until memorial day weekend. >> reporter: but in illinois, corn growers are betting the farm on the heat wave, planting their seeds early, hoping for a bigger and better harvest. and the weather has been good to cows in the midwest. warm cows eat more, and in iowa, the average cow is producing 7% more milk than it did this time last year. and in th
on what happened inside the plane as the pilot spiraled out of control. >>> abc news exclusive. new video of the alleged gunman in the trayvon martin case in the night of the killing, seen for the first time right here. >>> raging inferno, a family as they try to outrun the wildfire raging through colorado. >> where is mom? what is she stopping for? >>> a giant scam under way tonight. thieves impersonating the voice of your children, your grandchildren, your friends. we show you the trick that stole $100 million. >>> and lady luck. the biggest mega millions ever and the mistake you must avoid before you buy that ticket. >>> good evening. as we come on the air, we have new tape and new details about the jetblue pilot that had a psychotic episode at 30,000 feet. the description in the charges brought against him made it clear it was a very dangerous drama aboard the plane and jim avila is here with the new details, jim? >> reporter: this was much more serious than we knew yesterday. new details from the fbi of what happened in the skies over texas are frightening. a pilot who may have been
scientists are monitoring the power grids. abc's sam champion has been tracking this all day and tells us what those scientists are seeing so far. >> reporter: these are the eruptions on the surface of the sun. solar flares more than 500,000 miles high, and 10 million-times more powerful than a volcanic eruption, that sent today's solar storm barreling down to earth. setting off a white-knuckle watch for trouble. inside the nation's mission control for space weather, all eyes were tracking the storm around the clock, looking for impact and watching closely for any new flare-ups on the very active surface of the sun. >> this region really hasn't shown any signs of diminishing. so, the threat is still there. >> reporter: just the threat is bad news for the airlines, power utilities, and gps providers, all who spent the day on the lookout, for any disruptions since the storms are powerful enough to knockout modern communications. both delta and american airlines rerouted several flights just out of precaution. fortunately, the worst did not occur. predictions of a powerful storm eased for no
tonight. but how long can it last? >>> consumer watchdog. more on our abc news investigation into pink slime. we take your tough questions about that controversial filler in ground beef. straight to the top. >> what's being hidden? why not just put it on the label? >>> and heart of a champion. the aging husky who collapses in the middle of the big race. wait until you see what his owner did to bring him back to life. >>> good evening. we begin with a white-knuckle moment onboard a commercial airplane today. 149 people onboard. the plane was on the ground in dallas, heading off for takeoff in chicago. when a flight attendant sent the cabin into a frenzy with a 15-minute tirade, filled with screams and dire warnings. passengers took the intercom and begged the pilot to turn back. so, how does this happen? abc's pierre thomas tells us what was behind this strange drama today. >> reporter: dallas, just before takeoff, at 8:30 this morning. the passengers of american flight 2332 could not believe what they were hearing. a flight attendant was on the plane's intercom, standing right in front
captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd carrick abc7 breaking news. >> in kensington, md., one woman is dead being gunned down in broad daylight. it happened right along connecticut avenue in the heart of kensington. news chopper 7 video shows it has become a major traffic situation. gail half as live on the scene with the breaking details. >> it has been a couple of hours and it still very active. they are searching for the gunmen in this case. you can see the police behind me here on connecticut avenue. a man and woman were driving in a minivan, and this is what would this is tell us. they were arguing. they heard a gunshot and saw the woman tumbled out of the vehicle. in this surveillance tape come you can see two vehicles rolled to a stop. from the passenger side, the woman shot in the head is pushed out of the vehicle. several people around rushed over to help the woman by giving her cpr. you can see the vehicles pull away when the light changes. >> the registering dissever like and they realized she was shot. she was dying. you se
in the newsroom, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> we will continue to follow developments. the latest in "world news" at 6:30 p.m. following this newscast and you can keep tabs on >> learning more about the young man accused of threatening a mass killing on the university of maryland campus. 19-year-old alexander song is in custody arrested just hours after the threats were posted. police now have new details on what he was planning. brad bell is a live on the campus with more. >> what we're hearing from sources denied is that police believe that this was simply a student who had reached his breaking point because of academic and social pressures and he simply cracked. at 1:30 today on the university of maryland mall, it was all quiet, but stepped up police presence reminded everyone that the online threats allegedly made by an on-line student -- by a student of mine were taken seriously. >> you never believe that could happen at your school, i guess. this makes it more real. >> the 19-year-old mechanical engineering student alexander song was arrested by campus police. he made a series of
, in fact. abc's bill weir was the first to take us inside one of these factories. >> reporter: last month me walked past the infamous jumper nets into the sterile production lines to get a first ever glimpse of apple products being born. it took a rash of suicides and two deadly explosions to make foxconn think different about the way they treat their workers. along with our cameras they also welcomed the fair labor association to audit three separate factories and survey over 35,000 workers. the results are in. they found over 50 violations. biggest among them, forced overtime as hundreds of thousands struggled to keep up with the relentless demand for the latest apple products. most of them making around $2 an hour. and while most told them the wages are fair, 64% say they don't make enough to meet their basic needs. >> would you define foxconn as a sweat shop? >> no. >> did you find any evidence of child labor? >> we did not. >> none? >> no child labor. no forced labor. >> even so foxconn announces big changes while the fla asked for a maximum 60-hour workweek, foxconn is promising to
, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> police are investigating two suspicious packages. >> administrators found an envelope containing a white powder and amidon-bowen elementary. hazmat teams are on the scene it now. police are investigating reports of a suspicious envelope at a restaurant along 12th and eighth street in northwest d.c. harbor for a local family this noon. a mother of three killed after being caught in what police believe was an illegal car race. the 33-year-old died when she lost control of her car on randolph road yesterday. police say she was not part of the race but i knowingly tried to change lanes between -- unknowingly try to change lanes between two speeding cars. >> she was doing her best to support two children in central america and one at home. she never made it to work last night. police found out she was the victim of a street race. the pain is unbearable. he sits on his front porch this afternoon broken down, staring at his wife's photos, trying to accept that she is no longer here. >> the only thing i want is for those who did this to com
. here's abc's clayton sandal. >> reporter: air tankers launched an assault on a blaze that's turned deadly. an elderly couple was killed. another swm missing. among the spomoke, the ruins of3 houses. amy gardner and her family -- >> my three kids, two dogs and two cats. >> reporter: -- spent the night in their minivan. >> pretty scary. you can't really think straight. >> reporter: across the west, dry, warm conditions and a lack of winter snowfall are fueling an early start to the fire season. here in the denver area, march is usually one of the snowiest months of the year. so far this month they've only had a dusting. and right now it's drier than it's been in 130 years. these early season fires are already stretching limited resources. >> we're struggling for getting hand crews in to actually put fires out. firefight these conditions persist, and forecasters say they will -- >> i anticipate this fire season will be one of the top ten on record. >> reporter: that could make for a long, very hot summer. clayton sandell, abc news, aspen park, colorado. >> another downside to an early
in annapolis, reporting for abc2 news. >>> now that the bill has been signed into law opponents are free to gather signatures. the maryland marriage alliance is spearheading that move m on their website they created an area where people can volunteer to get the signatures. >>> a jury convicted a man. dante parish killed jason math they son by suffocating him with a pillow case and slashing him with a raise disomplet mathison's friend bs said he had a bright future. >>> a baltimore man who was drawn to harford county for a girl's basketball game got a charge when police tried to tase him. once the birpz sounded in the game, police say 30-year-old teoine carroll tried to leave the building through a restricted area. when officers stopped him, they said carroll became belligerent. >> to my understanding, he was loud. he is charged with a couple assaults on the police where he pushed the police allegedly. so at that point they backed off. >> carroll was transported to harford county detention center where he has since been released. officials say he was attending the game as a parent. >> a h
, survivors had to search for their belongings beneath several inches of new snow. abc's meteorologist ginger zee is in the hard-hit community of henryville, indiana, tonight. ginger. >> reporter: diane, i am standing inside someone's living room. you can see the kitchen behind me but what you can't see is the front of the house. it was taken with one of those strong tornadoes. and, tonight, we have new video and new images that will shock you and tell you just how forceful those tornados were. >> oh, no. >> reporter: terror caught on tape as monster tornadoes bared down on american towns. new snapshots of panic. >> come on, go, go, get down, get down. >> reporter: and prayer. >> take it away from my home. take it away from this town. >> reporter: charlotte hall, the woman on that tape, tells abc's matt gutman her house is still standing and so is she. >> so what made you say that prayer? and it was so -- >> because i knew that it would work. >> reporter: today, parts of indiana, kentucky and tennessee woke up to another dose of mother nature's power, snow. blanketing the rubble of hundreds o
grandma. exposing doctors who rip off taxpayers. an abc news exclusive. >>> and the hero coach, whose quick thinking saved so many lives during that high school shooting, speaks about the students today. >> i prayed with them. i wiped their tears. and i know god was with them. >>> good evening. we begin with a white-knuckle moment at philadelphia's huge international airport today. a passenger plane was 15 seconds from touchdown, when air traffic controllers saw a strange jeep barreling down the runway toward it. a terrifying breech of security. abc news obtained exclusive video of the chase that followed. and our senior national correspondent, jim avila, brings us the full story right now. jim? >> reporter: diane, that jeep was on the actual, active runway. a place where controllers say, with a plane on approach, just 100 feet from landing. >> it's a vehicle, and he's at high rate of speed. >> reporter: unbelievable video obtained exclusively by abc news, shot by the pilot of a plane waiting to take off at philadelphia's international airport this morning. capturing from his cockpit,
: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc station. ♪ what you gonna do with all that junk ♪ ♪ all that junk inside your trunk ♪ >>> welcome back. welcome back, everybody. >> he's a regular feature here on friday mornings, the world news polka. a bit different from him this morning. >> he recently hung out with kevin smith and it is not your usual interview. check it out. ♪ >> one, two, one, two, three, four. book, book, book. kevin wrote a book, book, buy the book, buy the book. >> hey. you have the new kevin smith book? >> 25 bucks in my palm, less if you buy it on amazon. for kevin smith's book the title i cannot say on broadcast tv ♪ >> in the book, it's a book i wrote and it's called, i guess for tv we say "tough smith," but that's not really the word in the title. it's kind of me just talking about really the last five years of my life. it was like red state, there's two chapters on that. me getting kicked off the plane. a wonderful chapter about my wife in which i talk about having sex with her as well and even talk about working with bruce willis
an emergency landing. abc's aviation consultant john nance says airline officials will take another look at the mental health of the pilot. >> we have a lot of screening that goes on when everybody -- especially a pilot. until somebody is on the line for about a year and comes off probation. then a neuronetwork in which everybody is in effect watching everybody else. not in a, i'm suspicious of you form but just knowing what's going on. that's one of the most effective methods. maybe we need to look at ratcheting that up a bit. >> very little mental health screening going on right now. >>> we are learning new detalss about the pilot. clayton osmon has worked for jetblue since 2000. he lives in georgia but keeps an apartment near jfk airport in new york. his neighbors say they can't believe he would do anything like this. and his wife said while she hadn't spoken to her husband, there are several sides to every story. >>> in other news this morning, dive teams are back in the water off italy's coast hoping to find the last two bodies still missing after a cruise ship capsized back in
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